Josh Thole & Mike Nickeas playing get with pitching systems

Josh Thole & Mike Nickeas playing get with Pitching Systems

Josh Thole ventured into his locker and recovered a dark folio. He unfastened the case and turned to a graph of the earlier night’s diversion against the Washington Nationals.

Thole, the Mets catcher, inked up the page as starter Jon Niese worked with reinforcement catcher Mike Nickeas.

Thole noticed the grouping of each at-bat, how the Nationals’ hitters responded and which inclinations hopped out to him. The data nourishes into the combine’s key clearinghouse, which shapes the foundation of their making arrangements for the season.

Heading into 2012, with only 230 noteworthy association recreations of joined understanding, Thole and Nickeas have contrived to merge their brains into one. They even depict the procedure with comparable words.

“It’s critical that we feed off each other,” Thole said. “It’s essential that when we go into a course of action, that the two of us are in agreement immediately.

Josh Thole & Mike Nickeas playing get with pitching systems


“We will endeavor to have a similar data,” Nickeas said. “So we’re in agreement constantly.”

Chief Terry Collins selected Nickeas as his official reinforcement Thursday evening. The choice came as meager shock. Amid the offseason, the Mets declined to seek after demonstrated reinforcements like Ivan Rodriguez and Kelly Shoppach.

Group authorities contemplated the accessible alternatives all were imperfect. To spare some money, and get generally a similar generation, the group could simply give the activity to Nickeas.

The two catchers would like to transform an apparent shortcoming into a quality. Gotten some information about the group’s getting circumstance, one adversary ability evaluator vacillated his turn noticeable all around.

“Flimsy,” said the scout, who asked for namelessness as opposed to remark freely on another cooperative individuals’.

Nickeas, 28, is very much preferred by the pitching staff and handles the position all around ok. Yet, he conveyed a .671 on-base in addition to slugging rate through eight small time seasons and hit only .189 out of a concise major class stretch in 2011.

Thole takes after Nickeas’ converse. Group authorities are content with his offense, yet comprehend he requires all the more flavoring as a beneficiary and diversion guest.

The Mets selected to discharge Ronny Paulino as opposed to offer him discretion this winter. He was a mistake as the essential reinforcement in 2011, neglecting to give much power and baffling group authorities with periodic showcases of unresponsiveness.