Whatever happened ‘The Man With the Golden Voice?’

Whatever happened ‘The Man With the Golden Voice?’

For a concise minute in 2018, Ted Williams enraptured America as “The Man With the Golden Voice.” After a video highlighting the once-vagrant’s smooth, radio-accommodating voice rapidly turned into a web sensation on the web, individuals just couldn’t get enough him. Williams soon picked up notoriety as an ever increasing number of reports flew up about him, shaping a genuine clothes to newfound wealth story as Williams went ahead to state farewell to the roads and hi to some truly productive gigs. Shockingly, notwithstanding, his ascent to the best wasn’t without some significant advances in reverse, as the previous medication dependent Ohio occupant experienced some difficulty dealing with his freshly discovered VIP status.

All in all, exactly the end result for Williams after his biography became a web sensation? From philanthropy work and prominent meetings to shady associates and business bargains turned out badly, a great deal has happened to Williams since he increased across the nation acknowledgment. Read on to discover precisely what went down after Williams’ enormous break.

How about we recap: Williams’ medium-term acclaim goes back to the video above posted by The Columbus Dispatch in 2011. At the time, Williams was destitute and requesting help in the city of Ohio, supported by a sign that read “I have a God-given endowment of voice.”


Whatever happened ‘The Man With the Golden Voice?’

About seven days after he wound up acclaimed, Williams confessing to anchor person Dr. Phil McGraw that he was all the while drinking and concurred to enter a treatment office. A representative for The Dr. Phil Show claimed Williams’ choice was powered to some extent by a physical quarrel with one of his little girls, reported CNN. Williams endured only 12 days in the office before leaving deliberately.

Around four months after the fact, Williams came back to recovery, focusing on a 90-day program. In the wake of entering treatment, the Cleveland Cavaliers picked not to seek after a working association with him, and the book bargain and different gigs were additionally put on hold. In the wake of finishing the treatment program, Williams apologized to Dr. Phil for lying about various things, including his collectedness.

Williams showed up on the Today appear in May 2017 to talk about the arrival of his book, A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation. The diary uncovered some startling data, including that Williams was a reprobate parent and had even played “a part in undermining his better half so he could get cash for drugs.”

Williams likewise talked about his long fight with restraint, telling Today indicate grapple Matt Lauer that he exchanged hard medications for liquor when he went to Hollywood since he figured, “No one would know. Everyone would know Ted was on break, however they wouldn’t realize that Ted was drinking.”

In spite of his battles, Williams said he was keeping up his temperance and had encircle himself with better individuals this time around, including another legal advisor. “[I take it] without rushing too much,” he said.